We’re proud to be going the extra mile to help minimise our impact on the planet.

Since 2022, our sustainability team have been introducing various methods to help minimise landfill waste and reduce our carbon footprint. 

Obviously, a lot of waste in veterinary medicine may be contaminated and therefore hazardous. This is disposed of by specialist providers.

However, we’re able to take steps such as eliminating the use of nitrous gas in anaesthetics (a gas which was regularly used whilst animals were asleep, but was not environmentally friendly) and installing energy-saving LED lights.

We recycle our paper, cardboard, hard plastic and glass in the usual way, through local waste services.

We use a company called TerraCycle to recycle things such as non-contaminated PPE (we got through a lot of masks and gowns during COVID), and empty blister pack recycling is available in our reception areas. 

Veterinary medicine involves a lot of single-use wrappings and plastic and paper waste – for example, every time we use a syringe or needle, each of these is individually wrapped. 

We separate this waste, so that the paper part can be recycled as normal and the soft plastic can be recycled through TerraCycle. You may have spotted our team using extra bins or pulling apart wrappers!


We are really proud of our commitment to minimising landfill waste and reducing our profession’s carbon footprint, and we will continue to do all we can to minimise our environmental impact. 

Watch this space for further initiatives!