HeartVets are an independent cardiology referrals and diagnostics service, and they run a monthly cardiology service at our Abergavenny branch.

They can offer assessment and treatment of cardiorespiratory problems for patients such as dogs, cats and horses.

If you are concerned about your pet's heart, speak to one of our team so that we can arrange an initial consultation.

If a referral is required, we will request an assessment from a HeartVets cardiologist, either on their next practice visit or sooner if your pet needs urgent attention.

Initial consultations typically take place in the morning, and any procedures such as heart scans or electrocardiograms (ECGs) will usually be performed the same day.

The cardiologist will review the case details and any additional information from your vet, and sit down with you for a 30-minute consultation.

Your pet will then be examined, and the options for investigation and potential treatment and the potential cost of the procedure will be discussed.

Most patients will require an ultrasound scan (to look at moving pictures of the heart beating) and/or an ECG (recording of the electrical activity of the heart). Both tests are non-invasive and can usually be performed without sedation.

When you return to collect your pet, the cardiologist will discuss the results of any tests and form a plan for ongoing treatment and monitoring. 

We will then provide both you and your vet with a written report of our findings and treatment recommendations, and update you with any further results (such as blood tests) as they become available.