Our branches have a range of diagnostic facilities, including digital radiography, blood testing machines and abdominal ultrasound. 


All four of our branches have x-ray machines, which offer an effective way of checking your pet’s bones or investigating a foreign body. 

It can also be used to detect problems affecting soft tissue, such as heart and lung disorders, digestive problems and urinary issues. 

To ensure we produce the best possible imagery, your pet may need a light sedation, which is monitored by one of our highly trained nurses.


Ultrasound is a procedure that uses high frequency sound waves to create an image of part of the inside of the body. 

It is commonly used to check for pregnancy, but can also be used to diagnose high risk issues such as a pyometra in unneutered bitches.

If an abnormality is found, the ultrasound machine can be used for guidance when taking a biopsy for testing.

In-house laboratories

Our in-house laboratories allow us to test samples such as blood, urine and skin scrapes, so that we can diagnose and monitor a range of conditions.

We have advanced in-house technology, including haematology, biochemistry and urinalysis, which allow our clinical team to provide a fast and accurate assessment of a range of parameters. 

We also work with an external laboratory that provides us with additional services and premium testing when required.