Our team can perform a wide range of surgeries, including elective neutering, dental treatments, mass removals and exploratory laparotomies. Each surgical procedure is planned specifically for your pet's individual needs.

We also offer small animal orthopaedic and complex surgeries, which are carried out at our Abergavenny surgery and include:

  • Fractures.
  • Dislocations.
  • Muscle and tendon Injuries.
  • Cruciate disease.
  • Patella luxations.
  • Elbow dysplasia.
  • TECA surgery.

If you are concerned your pet may be suffering from any of these conditions, please contact your local branch to book an initial assessment of your pet's case.

Depending on your pet’s requirements, your pet can then be passed onto our Abergavenny team.

We also have close links with several hydrotherapy and physiotherapy referral sites, who can continue your pets rehabilitation following their surgery.

On the day of surgery, an admission appointment will be arranged with one of our nurses on the morning of surgery, and we will call you later in the day to arrange a discharge appointment based on your pets requirements. 

If your pet needs overnight care, we also have a night nurse on hand to provide ongoing monitoring.

We recommend at least one post-operative check after every procedure. These are included in the cost of surgery and allow us to check that your pet’s recovery and healing is going well.

The vet or nurse that discharges your pet will tell you when to book your pet in for their post-operative checks, but this will normally be between two and 10 days after surgery.

If you would like more information about preparing for your pets surgery, please download our pre-op sheet.