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A Poorly Puppy

A suspected eye infection turned out to be something else.

Have a Hoppy Summer & Protect your Bunny

Summer brings fresh grass and warm, dryweather for our bunny rabbits to enjoy, but it can also bring the risks of heatstroke, disease and other health concerns. Here are a few things to help youto protect your rabbits.


If ever there was a story to highlight just how important it is to microchip your pets, then that of Lancelot the Sealyham Terrier has to be it!

Rogues sticky problem.

Playing with sticks is not always fun as Rogue found out.

Meg gets lucky!

Poor border collie puppy Meg came into us with a nasty injury after being hit by a car.

A Sticky Situation

Nelly managed to eat some chewing gum, which contains sweetners toxic to animals

Do dogs ever need plastic surgery?

Poor Isabella had some painful lip fold dermatitis

Bailey's eyelid surgery

Bailey is a lovely 10 year old Labrador who came to see us for a consultation with one of our qualified veterinary nurses

Preparing for holidays

With summer holidays nearly upon us, it comes to mind that we can now travel easily with our beloved pets across to Europe & beyond.

Meet Whizz

A very sad Whizz came to visit us after returning home with a dislocated right Elbow.

Is your pet neutered?

Neutering can have really great benefits – both to your pet and to you!

Lark's Swollen Face

One morning they woke up to find the left side of her face was severely swollen...

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