Preparing for holidays

 With summer holidays nearly upon us, it comes  to mind that we can now travel easily with our beloved pets across to Europe & beyond.

 You may not be aware that gone are the days of a six month quarantine period and with a little preparation we can now travel to Europe accompanied by our dog (or cat) & return after a visit to a vet on the continent for a quick tapeworm treatment (24 hrs-120 hrs prior to returning to UK) 

 Should you have such an inkling, here is a quick overview of what is required before you travel. Your dog will require a microchip (hopefully already sorted) and a vaccination against Rabies; an injection, given by our vet, which will protect your pet against this unpleasant disease. They will be issued with their own pet passport and after twenty one days, your pet is ready to travel

 However, we also need to consider protection for diseases that we do not see in the UK, think mosquitoes and Malaria. Our four legged friends, on the continent can also be challenged by mosquitoes, ticks and SandFlies carrying some unpleasant diseases, which we very rarely see in our normal pet population. So, once you have decided where you are planning on visiting it is important to protect your pet against these possible challenges. These risks differ dependant on your travel route and final destination, a very useful website, helps to give an idea of where and what you may come across on your travels.

 Protection, however, can be easily achieved, using a spot on parasite treatment, coupled with a preventative collar. Abbey Veterinary Centres can prescribe suitable, effective protection for your proposed trip. Ideally, a little time spent prior to the trip could help prevent bringing your faithful friend home with something unexpected!  

 That is it, no need to leave the pooch in kennels, they can come along and enjoy the trip with the family!

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