Out of Hours - Client Letter

We understand that the news of our changing Out of Hours arrangement may cause some concern to our clients and we hope that we can explain our reasons and help alleviate some of those concerns.

Traditionally we have as a practice shared our out of hours with another local practice. This meant that our Vets regularly worked a day shift and then continued into the night on call, often being called out frequently, and working the following day along with busy weekends. This has been the norm in the Veterinary Profession for many years. However, we are increasingly able to offer more advanced treatments and this means the number of hours Vets are at the surgery during the night has increased significantly over the years. As you can imagine this exceptionally busy working arrangement often puts stress on Vets physical and mental health whilst they strive to always give their patients gold standard clinical care around the clock.

There have been changes within the Veterinary Industry in recent years with the opening of dedicated Out of Hours Emergency providers who have enabled practices to utilise their specialist services and dedicated teams to the benefit of client and patient care and promotion of veterinary staff’ wellbeing.

We have increasingly struggled to recruit and retain Veterinary Surgeons given the level of additional out of hours work involved with our practice, with many other veterinary practices having made the move to dedicated OOHs providers already therefore offering much more favorable working arrangements to potential candidates.

The decision to outsource our out of hours provisions is not one we have taken lightly but with this decision we hope that our client and patient services are strengthened. Clients will have access to dedicated 24hr teams, with multiple Vets and Registered veterinary nurses on site solely dedicated to emergency care for pets when they need it most. The advances in Veterinary Medicine mean that our pets can now receive treatments on a similar line to us. The  dedicated Out of Hours teams receive the highest level of training on emergency care and have access to advanced equipment to deliver this, even at 3am.  We appreciate that some of our clients may have increased travel times to these services however, we feel that providing dedicated out of hours services to our clients pets will be of exceptional benefit. We will continue to have a Registered Veterinary Nurse on site overnight at our Abergavenny branch to take care of hospitalised patients during the week and we will provide ambulance transport for any inpatients requiring hospitalisation from Saturday evening onwards.

We really believe we will now be able to provide an even better service to our clients and we are also extending our regular opening hours on Saturdays to support you as much as we can.  

We have always been so grateful that we have such fantastic clients. Your continued patience, support and understanding during these challenging times has been invaluable and we will continue to do our very best for you and all your precious fur babies.

The Abbey Vets Team

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