Meet Whizz

A very sad Whizz came to visit us after returning home with a dislocated right Elbow.

After his initial consultation at our main operating facility in Abergavenny, he was given a general anaesthetic before one of our orthopaedic vets replaced the dislocation and stabilised Whizz's elbow using a special splint.

Once recovered from his procedure and with his pain controlled, his care was returned to his  usual branch in Monmouth, where he became a star patient during his weekly check ups and bandage changes. Although it couldn't have been an easy time for him, he loved all the attention and tummy rubs from our staff.  After 4 weeks the Elbow was stable enough to remove the splint and following  2 further weeks of cage rest, helped by plenty of cuddles from his owners, he returned for a final check up and discharge from our outpatient clinic.

  We are happy to report that he is now back doing all the things he used to be able to do before the dislocation, including his favourite pastime of chasing his ribbon!

We are so pleased Whizz made such a wonderful recovery as he really was the “purrfect” patient

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