Lark's Swollen Face

Lark belongs to the parents of our receptionist Kate in Brecon. One morning they woke up to find the left side of her face was severely swollen and she seemed out of sorts. Kate bought her in to see Meg the Vet, to find out what was wrong. Although no obvious wounds were found around Lark’s face, and her teeth and tongue were fine Meg suspected she had an abscess (pus filled swelling) in her cheek. As she lived with other pet's this would likely have been caused by a bite or puncture wound introducing bacteria under the skin. As Lark was nervous of being examined and had already eaten that day, she was treated with antibiotics and booked in for sedation the following morning. Meg warned that the abscess might burst by itself, releasing a lot of pus – which would be messy and unpleasant smelling; if this happened it would mean we wouldn’t have to sedate her to lance it. 

The next day the abscess burst by itself and as promised, lots of pus was released. Lark's Mum and Dad did a great job of keeping the area clean whilst the antibiotics treated the infection and she quickly recovered. Happily, her face is now much more symmetrical again and her life is now back to normal.

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