Is your pet neutered?

Neutering can have really great benefits – both to your pet and to you! Plus you’ll be doing your bit to help the growing crisis of pets being abandoned, dumped or given away because there aren’t enough homes to go around - Blue CrossFemale cats usually have their first season at around 6 months and this is when they start to ‘call’- vocalising to attract a mate. Un-neutered male cats are more likely to stray over large areas looking for a mate; putting themselves at risk.Female dogs will usually come into season twice a year and this will last around 3 weeks. They will produce a bloody discharge and are attractive to male dogs, this can make it difficult to exercise them as they will attract unwanted male attention.Health benefits of neutering include amongst others, prevention of 'Pyometra' (womb infection) in females and testicular cancer in malesRoutine neutering at Abbey Vets is carried out at  as a day case. Your pet will be admitted first thing in the morning and given an injection containing a sedative and strong pain-killer ready for their general anaesthetic and surgery. Their operation will generally take place in the morning, so they can recover under the care of our Veterinary Nurses; going home later that day. They will be discharged with pain-killers as appropriate and an Elizabethan collar or a medical pet t-shirt to stop them worrying at their surgery site. Our Registered Veterinary Nurses will see your pet as an out patient to ensure a speedy recovery.Picture:'Mouse' preparing to go home after her spay

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