Do dogs ever need plastic surgery?

Meet Isabella - she is a gorgeous 7 year old Italian Spinone. Isabella has got the most wonderful temperament and is always a pleasure to see at Abbey Vets Monmouth. Recently poor old Isabella has been into see our Vet Chris Walker because she developed a reddening of her skin folds on her bottom lip. Isabella typically has been very stoical about it all, and not made a fuss, but they certainly do look uncomfortable.

Skin fold dermatitis is fairly common in Italian Spinones and as it didn't resolve with good oral hygiene and anti-septic wipes Chris took a swab and cultured a nasty but not uncommon bacteria called Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Thankfully it wasn't multi resistant and so Angharad her dedicated owner has been able to treat it with Flamazine cream.


In some cases of lip fold dermatitis when this doesn't work Vets have to resort to plastic surgery! This isn't as drastic as it seems, and interestingly there are no plastics involved in plastic surgery. The name comes from the same Greek word that we get 'plastic' from, and implies sculpting or reshaping. So in the case of dogs and plastic surgery it means reconstructive surgery to improve it's function. In this specific case it would be to remove the skin folds so that it's better aerated and less likely to get infected.


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