Client Update – 17th May 2021

We would like to inform our clients of our most up to date COVID-19 Safety Measures. Our staff have worked exceptionally hard throughout the pandemic to this point, and continue to do so, to ensure that your pets are kept in the best possible health.

We are now open at all our Abbey Vets Branches: Brecon, Abergavenny, Tredegar and Monmouth, for routine appointments such as Booster Vaccinations and Neutering. Due to our adapted working ways, to ensure our staff and clients are COVID safe, things are taking a little longer than they did during more normal times. Therefore, please be aware that there may be slightly longer waiting times for routine appointments due to prioritising urgent and emergency work. Please rest assured that we will always do our very best to see your pet as soon as practically possible. Please be respectful of our staff at all times.

We are pleased to let you know that from Monday the 17th of May, clients have been allowed to accompany their pet into the practice. There are, however, measures in place to facilitate this in a COVID-safe manner for both staff and clients. Please read the below Q&A section to know what to expect at your next appointment. Our receptionists will always keep you informed with the most up-to-date protocols at the time of booking your appointment also.

Do I have to wear a face covering inside the Practice?

Yes. In line with Government guidance, clients must wear a face covering whilst inside the practice, unless exemptions apply.  

What do I do when I arrive for my appointment?

Please attend reception on arrival – If there are already the maximum number of clients inside - this will be clearly displayed on a sign at the door - then please remain outside until another client leaves.

Our waiting room capacities are set to ensure social distancing of 2meters.

If there is not a safe waiting room seat available on your arrival, you may be asked to return to your car until one becomes available.

How does the socially-distanced Vet/Nurse consultation work?

The Vet/Nurse will invite you into the consult room to discuss your pet’s history and your concerns.

Please stand on the red dot on the floor, these are to ensure social distancing.

Having discussed your pet’s history, the Vet/Nurse will ask you to place your pet onto the dog park or onto the table if they are in a carrier.

The Vet/Nurse will then ask you to return to your designated seat in the waiting room whilst they examine your pet, with the assistance of a Veterinary Nurse if necessary.

We are unable to have clients hold their pets for examinations at this time due to the necessity for social distancing to protect both our staff and our clients.

Having examined your pet, the Vet/Nurse will invite you back into the consult room to discuss their findings and a treatment plan.

We hope that this helps prepare you for any visits to Abbey Vets in the coming weeks and thank you for your patience and understanding during these times.  

The Abbey Vets Team

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