Bailey's eyelid surgery

Bailey is a lovely 10 year old Labrador who came to see us for a consultation with one of our qualified veterinary nurses - his eyelid mass was noted during this consultation so he was referred to our vet Claire Bailey for surgery to remove it before it grew any larger and needed more complex surgery. Bailey came in for his surgery and was able to go home the same day with a supply of painkillers and very importantly a buster collar to prevent him from scratching or rubbing at his wound whilst it was healing. Bailey was a very good patient and we can report that his surgery and recovery went well and he is now back to his old handsome self. 

 Eyelid masses are not uncommon in older dogs, luckily the majority of them are benign tumours which should not spread. However, even though they are benign they can appear unsightly and grow quite large if left untreated. They tend to erupt through the eyelid and can ulcerate or bleed. Sometimes they cause local irritation and the dog will rub at their face and risk getting infection or ulceration on the eye itself which then requires treatment. If the eyelid mass is treated when it is small it can usually be removed during a simple surgery, however if the eyelid mass becomes too large it may require more complex surgery called blepharoplasty to reconstruct the eyelid following removal; so best to get it looked at early on

 If you are concerned about any lumps or bumps on your pet please give us a call and we will make you an appointment with one of our vets

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