A Poorly Puppy

This little puppy first came into the practice with her breeder at 4 weeks old with a suspected eye infection. Meg our vet noticed she also had swollen glands and some small spots around her muzzle. Meg was suspicious the puppy might have a fairy unusual condition called “juvenile cellulitis” which is commonly called puppy strangles.

Although this condition can often mimic a bacterial infection, it is in fact sterile meaning there are no “bugs” involved. The exact cause is still unknown but is thought to be immune mediated, and therefore the treatment is to suppress the immune system to tamper down the body’s response. If an infection is involved this treatment can be very dangerous and would make things worse, so the puppy was started on some antibiotics and Meg took some swabs of the lesions to look for bacteria under the microscope.

After a week of antibiotics the lesions had got worse (see picture) so, after discussing the potential risks it was decided to start the puppy on steroids. Thankfully, Meg’s suspicion was correct and within a few days of starting the new medication, the skin started improving.

Little Macaroon has now finished all her treatment and been in for her first vaccination!

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