If ever there was a story to highlight just how important it is to microchip your pets, then that of Lancelot the Sealyham Terrier has to be it!

Carys Reynolds, one of the Equine Vets from Abbey Equine Clinic was out on her calls not far from the clinic's base at Llanover, Abergavenny when she saw a young dog running aimlessly on the road. Concerned for its safety, Carys stopped to see if the dog was with anyone and when it became apparent that he wasn't and also that he didn't have a collar on, Carys scanned the dog for a microchip - happily he not only had a chip but the scanner also indicated that the dog had been registered as "Lost". The terrier was taken to the Abbey Veterinary Centre's Small Animal hospital in Abergavenny where he was given a much needed bath, food, water and fuss! The number given on the microchip scanner was for DogLost, one of several UK organisations with a microchip number database which aims to reunite missing animals with their owners - the microchip number could then be put into their computer system and the owner's details found immediately.

It transpired that 18 month old "Lancelot" was one of 6 puppies stolen from his breeder back in 2017 in North Wales, a devastating experience for the family in question. Needless to say the breeders were ecstatic to be reunited with Lancelot a few days later and he is now back home in North Wales receiving lots of TLC!

As this story highlights, microchipping your pets really is so important, it is a straightforward and quick procedure and could save you and your family real heartache should your pet go missing or be stolen. The distances over which animals can travel or be taken is also startling but with UK wide microchip databases, distance really is no barrier either. Call your local Vet today and lets all do more to increase the number of happy reunion stories like Lancelot's!    

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