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Good-Fur-Nothing Allergy Fleas in Terrier

Skin allergies are incredibly common in domestic pets - probably more common than in humans.

Frisbee Throw Turns in to Shoulder Woe

When you work in the veterinary world, you eventually come to accept that your own pets will get fairly weird medical problems.

Isen's Close Call with a Slippery Serpent!

Isen is a weimaraner who was out and about enjoying life whilst on holiday with her owner, when she was bitten on the face by an adder.

Milo’s Ear Horror

Milo is a handsome and happy chap who was going on his evening walk when he started to cry in pain. His owner couldn’t find what was causing such pain but he carried on telling his owners something wasn’t right, so he was taken to our Brecon branch for our team to try and work out what was going on.

Pay monthly and save money on your pet’s essential preventive care

We strongly believe the old saying that, “prevention is better than cure” and with that in mind, we have designed Abbeycare; a simple, cost-effective way for you to spread the cost of routine veterinary treatments for your dog or cat with a monthly Direct Debit.

CRGV (Alabama Rot)

You may well have heard about Alabama Rot

Chicken Takes A Tumble

We have an ever-increasing number of chicken owners here at Abbey Vets, which leads to an ever-increasing number of interesting poultry cases!

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